Nothing is working

One Alliance Reborn

Nothing on my box is working…

One Alliance does not host, run or control addons, the build simply ‘maps’ out addon content and creates shortcuts. If your box or device stops working, 99% of issues can be resolved by completing some or all of the the actions below.

Look closer to home guys, get a Real Debrid account, get a VPN, we don’t know how many times we need to say that many ISP are blocking links at source level.
For ISP VPN or Real Debrid support we kindly ask that you contact your Internet provider/ VPN provider direct.
• Add-ons go up and down all the time, please try various different add-ons, links and streams.
• Reboot your router and box by turning them off and unplugging for 10 minutes.
• Check your box Setting to ensure your device is connected to your network.
• If using Wi-Fi, Forget and Reconnect your network.
• Test your download speed by using the Speed Test app on the box.
• Ensure your ISP is not blocking you and your Internet Shield/Websafe is turned off.
• Try using your phone as a WiFi hotspot to see if you can log on using your phone data.
• Check that your build is Up to Date or Force an Update.
• Check the date on your device and manually update if necessary – particularly if only showing Movies available before 1970.
• If you are still having issues, uninstall by deleting the build or fork in your box settings and then reinstall.
• As a last resort, complete a factory reset and/or consider buying a new box from our only approved box seller WonderBox

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