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When are the latest movies available on Kodi?

1.  Type the “title of the movie” and “DVD release date” into Google. Until the DVD release date, usually only Cam or sub titled Asian/Russian copies are available.
2. See latest Kodi Movies from KodiApps. Click here
3. Another option is to check Sam’s Blog for BlueRay release dates. Click here
This is what happens when a Movie is released:
1. Movie is released at Cinema
2. Cams appear – usually within two weeks(Is it December/January? (Yes step 3 or No step 4)
3. ‘Screeners’ appear for Oscar nominations around cinema release
4. HD Cams or TS (Telesync) – within six weeks

The following depends on how successful the movie is at cinema release
5. DVD rip – up to a month before retail release
6. BD Rip & Blu Ray rip a few weeks before retail release
Don’t expect 1080 HD versions when the movie has just been released unless it is utter rubbish and likely to make a poor return in the cinema

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